No Ehu Kakahiaka

Ka Moolelo

Ehu Kakahiaka is translated in English as "the dust of morning" and figuratively, refers to the dawn, youth, or a rain shower that clears quickly.

- Reference Hawaiian Dictionary, 1986. 

For us, the colors of the dawn, the morning dust, have always been captivating and awe inspiring. Our ohana's journey to return Hawaiian language to our home and hearts felt similar. Once we started learning Hawaiian we couldn't look away and started to create paths and activities to surround ourselves with the language. 

We are passionate about Hawaiian language because it connects us to Hawaii and all who live here. At the core of our business is the cherishing of these connections through the thoughts, words, and names we use everyday.

At Ehu Kakahiaka, we are excited to create products that inspire you to continue to learn, speak, and support Hawaiian language. 

Me ke aloha nui, 
Ehu Kakahiaka