Packing Orders

Aloha nui!! Welcome to our website, we're so grateful you're here. If you're in the process of placing an order, your order will be packed and shipped during the weekend, i.e., if you placed an order on Thursday, we'll pack and ship by Sunday. 

I work during the week and dont have time after my kuleana ohana to get to orders. 

With that said, I LOVE PACKING ORDERS! I look forward to the weekend to become totally absorbed in the business and spend about 8-9 hours taking product photos, updating inventory, and all the assorted small business kuleana that needs to get done. My sister always teases me that I started a business just so I can wrap orders and make them pretty lol. 

And because I only pack orders on the weekend, I include a freebie (usually a kaleka aloha or a sticker) to the order as a mahalo for your patience :)

If you're placing an order for a birthday and would like us to include a hand written note for you, please email us! aloha@ehukakahiaka.com. If my mom is available, I usually ask her to write out the message because her penmanship is so beautiful. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Me ka mahalo,