Closed for the holidays! But you can still shop Ehu Kakahiaka products :)

Aloha kakou!

I just wanted to update folks on our on-line store re-opening. We took the latter half of December off to rest and recover. Our store is scheduled to open on or about 1-9-23. It will be a partial opening. I'll be selling gift sets for the rest of January and then by February I hope to be fully open. 

Mahalo nui for your support and understanding. We are a VERY small business and many times it's just one or two people doing 10-12 things at a time. This entire break I've been recovering from a cold and hopefully, I'm close being healthy again. I'm really just sick of being sick. 

Nonetheless, what I really wanted to remind folks of is that while we are closed, you can still shop Ehu Kakahiaka products at one of the amazing stores and business that carry our products. 

SHOP: No'eau Designers, Palaelae Collective, and Hawaiiverse

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebration. Take care and we'll have more soon :) 

me ke aloha,